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Everyone deserves a safe space. No one should ever feel afraid to go home, to work, or to school. No one should have to worry about making it through the day unharmed.

If you are a victim or a survivor of abuse, we at PAVE are here for you. If someone you know needs refuge, or a helping hand, we are here for them.

We are here with an encouraging word, advocacy, a safe space, or anything in between.
Safety is a human right and we will never stop supporting and advocating for victims or survivors of domestic or sexual violence, or anyone else in need.

Along with providing support, we also work hard to help prevent and reduce violence in our community.

We are here — always — to Protect, Advocate, Validate and Educate.

CAN YOU HELP? Here is a list of our needs.

We provide a wide-array of services and programs for people of all ages, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity (or expression), religion, disability, and national origin.  From our shelter and 24/7 hotline and texting line, to advocacy, education and counseling, if you or someone you know needs assistance, we are always here.

  • Crisis Line
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Family & Domestic Abuse Victim Advocacy
  • Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy
  • Teen Advocacy
  • Children’s Services
  • LGBTQ+ Services
  • Elderly Services
  • Services for Spanish Speakers

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If you or someone you know is in need of assistance or a safe space, be in touch today.

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Get Educated

The first step to preventing violence is to empower yourself through information.

“The healing that [my children and I] experienced from the first day at PAVE until today has been tremendous.  There are no words to describe the lengths everyone involved goes to, to help in any way, shape, or form.  The women and men that work at PAVE were, are, and will always be life changing angels.”
“I have witnessed the power of having a legal advocate, especially in the matters involving children and keeping our still very intimidating abusers at bay.  She helps people every step of the way, both legally and emotionally, through situations that most of us would be unable or unwilling to face alone.”
“It is not about a place to lay your head for a few days and meals daily.  It is for our family a new beginning and a foundation for a remaining harmonious life.  We live, not just exist.”
“I would also like to thank you all once again for all the support and positive attitudes and the help while we were there! You guys will never be forgotten.”
“I wish a heartfelt thank you to the staff at PAVE for going above and beyond in helping myself and many other women achieve the priceless gift of self-esteem, awareness, and independence.”
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