“Looking back on the old me first reaching out for support and help from PAVE, to the strong, unbreakable woman I am today has been a great change in personality for me and my daughter to see. PAVE is everything that a single parent or woman would want or need, especially with the resources given. Thanks to PAVE, my daughter and I are living in our own apartment, free from negativity and bad surroundings.”

– Former PAVE client

“PAVE …has been nothing but blessings to me and my daughter.
… supported me at a time when I did not have anybody on my side.
… helped me to get up and fight until the end.”

-Former PAVE Client

Mother and son playing

“We are in our own place now. We’ve been here for about 3 and a half months. It did take us a while to get back on our feet but we did it!!! PAVE is the most helpful, safe, positive place to be when you’re going through a rough scary time. Thank you for all the support and positive attitudes and the help while we were there! 

You guys will never be forgotten.”

– Former PAVE client

Why should I care about domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a concern for every community in the world.  In the United States, one in four women and one in seven men will experience severe physical violence demonstrating that it is much more common than people might think.  

Domestic violence impacts a community at multiple levels from law enforcement to children in our schools, to our employers and more.  For example, nationally it costs employers $2.5 billion in lost productivity. 

Why is a larger facility like this needed in Dodge County? 

In addition to emergency shelter, the expanded facility will provide more space for prevention and education programming.  These activities are essential to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and stop the cyclical nature that can be a part of it.    

PAVE is the only victim service organization in Dodge and Jefferson County and provided more than 10,500 nights of refuge over the past three years.  Our shelter is consistently full and has a waiting list.   

The current shelter space is small serving a maximum of 20 people in five bedrooms.  Bedrooms and common spaces like the kitchen were not designed to accommodate multiple unrelated people.  The house is outdated and needs costly repairs that no longer make financial sense.  Most importantly, it does not meet current standards in services for victims of domestic violence which call for spaces that are empowering and healing. 

In addition to domestic and sexual violence intervention and the safe space, what other services does PAVE provide? 

Pave offers programs for prevention, support and education.  It is here for everyone.  For the person who needs shelter, legal assistance or advocacyto those needing support groups.  From sexual assault victim services, to working to educate others about prevention.  PAVE also provides 24/7 hotline for those in need of safety planning and services for people whose primary language is Spanish.  Support and referral services are also available for LGBTQ community members.  

Who does PAVE support and where are they from? 

Domestic violence does not discriminate.  The people PAVE supports are women, men, and children of all ages, from all walks of life, sexual orientation, and racial, economic and educational background.  More than 86% of our clients are from Beaver Dam and Dodge County. PAVE recently began serving Jefferson County, as well.   A small number of clients are from other counties and find themselves at PAVE, because there is no local shelter with space or they need to get distance between themselves and their abuser.  Reciprocally, PAVE works with shelters in other communities to place individuals from Dodge/Jefferson Counties who need the same type of placement consideration.  

How is PAVE funded and do you have a plan to cover the annual operational costs associated with a larger facility?

PAVE has been serving the community for over 40 years.  The organization is funded through a combination of state/federal grants, local foundations, businesses, and individual donors.  Most organizations like PAVE are funded in the same way.  As a larger facility, PAVE will have the opportunity to compete for additional grant funding.  

Isn’t this safe space going to be less secure since it’s out in the open?

While the current facility is in a confidential location, there are benefits to bringing a safe space out into the open.  Keeping victims in hiding reinforces their feelings of shame and humiliation, while at the same time cutting them off from friends and family.  In rural areas, keeping a home’s address confidential is difficult and makes it hard for victims to carry on with life. 

Although the shelter will be more accessible and visiblethere will be a strong emphasis on increased safety, utilizing updated technology. 

With additional space, what more can PAVE do to address the needs of our Community?

There will be more room for prevention, education, and outreach, which are essential to affecting lasting change.  PAVE will also be able to address the growing challenge presented by sex trafficking which is of significance in our community. The Highway 41 corridor from Chicago to Green Bay has been identified as an area of sex trafficking concern in Wisconsin.  PAVE already provides service coordination for those impacted by trafficking and will be able to expand its support. 

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