Rendering of the new shelter which will be visible and out in the open. Safety is always our top priority and disclosing the facility’s location does not make it unsafe. Our new safe space will include enhanced, sophisticated security measures such as clearly defined boundaries between the building and surrounding community, controlled access to all doors, panic buttons, video monitoring, and secure parking enclosures. While at the same time, offering an attractive, home like setting for victims and families to receive shelter and support.

A Safe Space to Grow

Victims seeking emergency refuge are vulnerable and in a state of crisis. They come to us needing safe housing that provides an environment of healing and empowerment. Due to both capacity and design, our current facility is inadequate to meet the needs of victims and their families. We aim to fulfill these needs by renovating a larger space that offers protection and support. We have chosen to re-purpose an existing building to reduce our environmental impact. Our building will be thoughtfully designed according to recommended best practice with these goals in mind:

  • A safe, secure and sturdy facility that promotes a sense of comfort for all
  • A building that promotes a healthy environment for both clients and staff
  • A space that allows for healing of trauma and moving on from abuse
  • A focus on security to create both physical and emotional safety
  • Independence for our clients
  • A family centered facility to promote healthy family dynamics
  • Helping families with pets safely escape domestic violence together.
  • Assist with safe child exchange and supervised visitations.
  • Develop a batterers treatment program with the goal of eliminating abusive and controlling behaviors to prevent domestic violence in intimate partner and/or family relationships.
Proposed First Floor Plan

The First Floor of our new facility will in part be comprised of:

Individual Staff Offices – allowing for more privacy for staff to meet in person and/or to have confidential phone conversations.

A Large Private Intake Room with Adjoining Children’s Play Room –  privacy and comfort are paramount to easing the trauma of seeking emergency refuge. We aim to provide a safe space for incoming clients, who often come to us with children.

Large Group Meeting Room – this room will allow us to host support group meetings, educational programs and family centered community events.

While our current facility is in a confidential location, our new facility will be out in the open. Keeping victims in hiding reinforces their feelings of shame and humiliation, and cuts them off from friends and family. Bringing the shelter location out of the shadows not only sheds light on the existence of domestic violence, it demonstrates to victims and survivors that the community cares about them and stands with them as they create a path to independence and stability.

Proposed Second Floor Plan

The Fully Accessible Second Floor of our new facility will in part be comprised of:

Four POD Living Areas – PODS will allow for smaller group communal living. Each POD will have a living room and kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a washer and dryer.

Individual Bedrooms for Families and Singles – giving clients privacy and the ability to choose to invite others into their space. Having the choice is a step in gaining back control and healing from trauma.

Multiple Dining Spaces –  this will allow for more than one family to prepare meals at a time, and for increased safety of children while their parent cooks. It will also allow families to dine together as an individual unit or as part of a group.

Large Gathering Room – this room will provide the opportunity for clients to gather in a group setting or retreat from larger group situations to a more private lounge area. 

Teen Room – this will provide an area for teens to work on homework or just relax away from younger siblings.

Proposed Renderings of Second Floor Spaces

Rendering of Bedroom and Closet

Rendering of Pod Living Room Space

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